LA Supreme Hair- Frequently Asked Questions

While buying hair extensions, you will probably have lots of questions. It is important to make a fully informed decision before investing in hair extensions. So, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. 

If you have any query or doubt which isn’t answer, please feel free to get in touch with us. We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible.

LA Supreme Hair


Virgin hair is hair that has not been color-treated, permed, dyed, bleached, straightened, or processed chemically in any way. Our hair bundles come from a single donor, and the hair is in the natural state with cuticles intact and running in the same direction. Virgin hair is steam processed which makes the hair soft and silky. You can find an option suitable to your kinky curls or deep waves.

To enhance the appearance of natural hair, people apply for hair extensions. They are used to increase the length and volume of the hair along with thickness and color. Hair grows slowly, so extensions can help you while waiting for natural hair to grow in. Besides, if your natural scalp is allergic to hair color, the extension comes in handy. 

Raw hair is quite different from virgin hair. Though both are human hair extensions only, raw hair is not altered at all. Virgin hair is processed with steam to give it some kind of texture. Raw hair is not steam processed in any way and behaves just like natural hair growing out from you. Raw hair comes in natural waves or straight and sometimes curly. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair comes in its natural state and is of the highest quality on the market.

If properly maintained and taken care of, hair extension should not damage your natural hair. However, it would be best if you were careful with brushing. Hold the hair in case you have a tangle while brushing, especially if your hair is fragile. 

Your hair extension can last for 1 to 2 years or longer when properly maintained for virgin hair. Our raw hair can last 3 to 5 years. All our hair extension purchases come with care and maintenance instruction so that you can last them longer and make a good worth of your investment.


Unfortunately, some scalp conditions are not compatible with hair extensions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Nevertheless, the severity of these conditions varies from person to person and can assess with your consultant. Otherwise, anyone with a healthy scalp can have hair extensions. 

We recommend that at least 10cm in length of your natural hair is essential to have a natural transition from your hair to the extensions. If you already have long hair, our hair extensions can give your hair a stunning makeover and new life. Besides, you can make your hair look thicker or add fun color effects if you want to have long hair. 

Many types of extensions vary in longevity, convenience, and price. Here are some of them:
Clip-in Hair Extensions
These are temporary extensions usually applied for a day or two. Clip-in hair extensions can be used multiple numbers of times. It is great for special events, formal styles, or wedding up-dos. They are extremely popular and an excellent way to extend your looks. They can be applied and removed in minutes without the need of any stylist, as these have tiny combs to attach to the hair root.
Adhesive Skin Weft or tape-in hair extension made from human hair can be attached to the scalp by a specialized adhesive tape system. Small Strips of adhesive tape are used to attach your real hair and the extensions. It can be applied where you need extra length, the volume of highlights. It provides a quick and easy process.
Sew-In Extensions
They are a great option if you are looking for some long-term hairstyle change. Your hairstylist puts your hair in cornrows and then sews in the hairpiece to blend with your natural hair. It is a time consuming process to get the full head done. But, it looks natural and protects your natural hair.
Halo Extensions
The hair is connected to a thin wire known as a halo and is shaped to your head, and these extensions can be installed by yourself by applying them to your crown area of the head. Halo extensions are easy to apply and are long-lasting as well. Besides, they can last quite a long if you take care of them properly.

Yes,of course. There are tools available that can help to create the look easily at home. Our clip-on method is very easy to attach yourself. Besides, other methods of attaching hair are not difficult. However, they may require some extra pair of hands, especially for the attachments at the back. 


Hair extension may seem high-maintenance. However, in reality, they require the same care as your natural hair. If you want to use heat styling tools such as flat-iron, hot curling iron, heated curlers, or dryers on your hair extensions, ensure to always use heat protectant sprays as we offer real raw human hair extensions. Repeated heat styling can damage the extensions.

You can dye your hair extension just like your natural hair. However, we recommend consulting a professional hairstylist who has experience in dealing with hair extensions. Besides, we also advise testing the color on the part of the hair extension prior to toning or coloring the entire hair extension to ensure you achieve the desired results. 

Yes, however, some styling products, especially those containing alcohol or oil, must be avoided. Also, never apply the styling products directly onto the bonds. If you are unsure about the products, please consult a specialist before applying them. Besides, use products that are sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Wash your hair extensions with alcohol and oil-free shampoo to keep your bonds in good condition. Use a protein-free, good-quality conditioner along with a moisturizing oil on the hair ends to prevent it from drying out. If you are regularly using heated styling tools, we suggest using heat protection oil-free products.


We strongly recommend against removing your hair extensions by yourself as this can lead to damage to your own natural hair. Instead, you must consult your stylist, who has experience in dealing with hair extensions.

Ordering & Shipping

You can place an order online with LAS Supreme Hair. First, browse the section to shop for your perfect style and length. You will find everything in this section. Once you have decided what to buy, add the item to the cart and proceed to checkout. Enter your shipping address and other details. And it’s done!

We do have a refund policy. And exchange is done under some conditions only. So check our Refund Policy page to know better before doing anything.

Generally, it takes one to three business days for your order to arrive. However, if you are ordering from outside the USA, it can take seven business days for you to get your product.

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a tracking number via email. It will help you track your order and know exactly when it will be delivered to you.

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