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With our high-quality 100% authentic human hair extensions, you can change your look with a new hairstyle whenever you want. Choose from straight or curly, long or short, or more permanent extensions or something you can remove instantly. LA Supreme Hair has a great variety of extensions for everyone.  

If you are trying hair extensions for the first time or just voluminous hair for the special event, then a clip-on set is ideal for you. You can attach and remove it quickly on your own without the help of any stylist. 

For those looking for something more permanent, we have all kinds of options for them as well. But, again, you can easily rely on our extension, which may require professional help from an experienced hairstylist who knows how to deal with hair extensions. 

LA Supreme Hair extensions are made from real raw human hair. We have single hair donors, meaning each hair bundle is prepared from the hair of a single person. Our hair donors are from India, Burma, Malaysia, and Cambodia. These are considered the top-rated hair extensions. We have curated a wide variety of colors and textures for you to choose from, keeping in mind the highest industry standards.

Shop our Raw Human Extensions for a natural, pure and long-lasting experience. 

Browse human hair extensions for young ladies, women, and teenagers that can easily and quickly add length and volume to their hair. Our extensions are lightweight and easy to attach. 

LA Supreme Hair extensions come in various methods, qualities, lengths, and textures. All real human hair extensions can be washed, styled with heating tools and products, or cut into the hairstyle of your choice. 

Choose our luxury hair extensions and look stunning!