10 Blonde Hair Colors That Look Gorgeous on Filipinas

1. Platinum Blonde

This shade of brown looks good on morenas, so Filipinas who want to make their hair lighter often choose it.

2. Golden Copper Brown

Copper hair colors are beautiful on their own, and this golden color makes you look like you just got off the beach. 

3. Classic Milk Tea

Milk tea hair color is trending all over Asia, and we’re not surprised.

4. Pastel Pink

You can look as sweet as your K-idol or as edgy as your favorite female rock stars with this hair color. 

5. Light Coral Pink

This orangey-pink color has a warm undertone, which makes it a fun hair color to try in the summer.

6. Teal

This is because the cuticle of Asian hair is thicker and the inner layer is full of warm, dark colors.

7. Salmon Pink

Let your hair down and wear clothes and hair items that aren't too bright to make this bleached hair color stand out.

8. Icy Silver

Try icy silver hair and pair it with edgy, masculine haircuts like a shag or pixie cut for an edgy look that will turn heads.

9. Medium Ash Purple

This medium purple color looks more grown-up because it has ashy tones. Try this if you want a less strong purple hair color.

10. Strawberry Blonde

You look great in strawberry blonde! It's the lightest red hair color, and if you want something strong but not fiery, it's a great choice.


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