10 Chic Asymmetrical Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Go Short

Blunt asymmetrical cut

The straight cut and deep side part bring out the shape of her face and bones. Plus, the hair is styled in a way that makes the difference in length stand out.

Sharp asymmetrical cut

The asymmetrical bob she rocked during her Spice Girl days features a longer front, cropped backside, and a sharp angle.

Asymmetrical cut with side bangs

From a crop cut that was much shorter on one side to bobs with slight asymmetrical styling to show off her bones, she has tried a lot of different hairstyles.

Asymmetrical cut with curly hair

This seriously chic, old Hollywood-inspired style from earlier this year is the perfect example.

Asymmetrical cut with side part

Her bigger face shape looks more defined with a blunt, asymmetrical bob with a side part. Plus, it makes her eyebrows look even better.

Asymmetrical cut with middle part

The uneven style looks good with both a deep side part and a middle part. The correct chin-length cut gets extra points.

Asymmetrical cut with color

Adding a bright color, either on the ends or all over, will take the look from jaw-dropping to worth a second look.

Asymmetrical cut with crimps

The curls make the unevenness in your face a little less noticeable and add a lot of volume.

Asymmetrical cut with layers

Ask your stylist to add slight layers and choppy pieces for a more rock-and-roll look. Bring in this picture of Brittany Snow to give you ideas.

Asymmetrical cut pinned back

which is cut in an uneven way. To really show off the difference, go for a deep side part, half of your hair pinned back, and a slight wave all over.

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