9 Cute and Effortless Bandana Hairstyles to Try

1. Wear It As a Headband

A timeless approach to wearing a bandana is styling it as a headband.

2. Channel the ‘90s

Embrace the '90s style by turning your bandana into a triangle and tying it right at the nape of your neck, under your hair.

3. Spotlight Your Bangs

When you wear a scarf with short hair and bangs, everyone will notice your beautiful bangs. The White Lace Bandana from Brothers & Sisters Paris is worn by this artist.

4. Accessorize a Messy Bun

Think about the best hairstyle for the beach. The person who made it put a textured flower bandana on top of her messy bun.

5. Elevate a Top Knot

Another way to style a bandana is into a top knot by wrapping it around the bun's base.

6. Protect Your Hair From the Sun

Short hair doesn't restrict your bandana-styling possibilities.

7. Use It to Sweep-Back Braids

This creator's take on the trend shows how well braids and bandanas go together. The light red scarf gives it an old-fashioned look.

8. Fashion It Into a Head Wrap

Take a cue from this artist, who wore her bandana as a stylish head wrap over her curly hair, for a street style-worthy bandana look.

9. Weave It Into a Braid

This hair expert was kind enough to share a video showing how to do this scarf braid, which she says is perfect for a beach-ready look.