10 Everyday Items That Are More Dirty Than a Toilet Seat

1. Kitchen Sponge

Due to their porous nature and exposure to food particles, sponges used in the kitchen can harbor millions of microorganisms.

2. Cell Phone

The constant contact of our palms and faces with our cell phones makes them a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Computer Keyboard

Constant use of a computer keyboard can result in the accumulation of grime, crumbs, and bacteria.

4. Remote Control

Because remotes are frequently used by multiple individuals and are rarely cleaned, they are a breeding ground for germs.


Handbags can acquire bacteria from a variety of surfaces and are rarely cleansed.

6. Cutting Boards

If not properly cleansed, cutting boards used for raw meat can harbor harmful bacteria.

7. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holders frequently accumulate water and can serve as a bacterial breeding ground.

8. Light Switches

Because light switches are frequently handled but seldom cleaned, they are germ breeding grounds.

9. Money

Bills and coins pass through numerous hands and can harbor a variety of pathogens.

10. Kitchen Sink

Due to their exposure to food and water, kitchen sinks are more likely to harbor bacteria than commode seats.