10 Strikingly Beautiful Shaggy Mullet Haircut for women over 50

Classic Shaggy

For a timeless style, keep shaggy layers at the back and sides and lengthier ones in the front.

Shaggy Texture:

Texture and volume give shaggy layers a modern, dynamic look.

Shaggy Mullet:

Create depth and movement with different layer lengths in the haircut.

Curly Shaggy

A scruffy mullet that highlights your curls will look great.

Short Shaggy:

To obtain a polished shaggy mullet, define and blunt the layers.

Choppy Shaggy

Choppy layers give a shaggy mullet personality.

Messy Shaggy Mullet:

Tumble the layers for a relaxed, stylish look.

Fluffy Shaggy Mullet:

A delicate and romantic shaggy mullet requires airy and feathered layers.

Shaggy Mullet:

Front layered bangs frame the face and provide character.

Coloring Shaggy

Try pastels, highlights, or balayage to enlarge the shaggy mullet.

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