10 Stylish Wedge Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60


A short-stacked wedge adds texture and movement. Your hair looks thicker and chicer with stacked layers.

Rounded Wedge

Layered rounded wedges are feminine. This haircut enhances your features and moves.

Accented Wedge

Texture and highlights provide depth. Your hair looks better with this style.

Classic Side-Part

A side-part wedge is ageless. This cut can be styled for numerous events.

Wispy Wedge

Choose delicate, airy ends for your wedge. This detail adds beauty and softness.

Curl-layered wedge

Layered wedges highlight curls. Layers add texture and playfulness.

Straight Cut

Blunt wedges are modern and chic. This haircut suits clean-cut people.

Shaggy Wedge

Wedge haircuts with layers give you a shaggy look. This modern option gives your look an edge.

Wedged Top

Contrast a disheveled top with a tapered back and sides. This haircut is well-structured and fluid.

Retro Wedge

Flip-out wedges add nostalgic appeal. This playful style may instantly refresh your appearance.

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