10 Wedding Hairstyles for Every Type of Bride

Relaxed Ponytail.

A low, loose ponytail with soft tendrils around the face makes a romantic vibe.

Center-Parted Waves.

Create a 1960s look with a middle part and soft waves accentuating the jawline.

Fishtail Braid.

The fishtail braid consists of two main strands weaved together for an intricate result.

Hat/Loose Curls.

Some boho brides wear a hat as the finishing touch. We recommend loose curls peeking from under the brim.

Wild Curls.

Show off naturally curly hair with untamed beauty; release your curly texture.

Boho Chignon.

When you choose salons near me, our skilled pros can french-braid the front of your hair back into a low twist for an elegant hairdo.

Beach Hair.

Iconic models like Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford got married on the beach sporting free-flowing waves thanks to Mother Nature’s salty, windy air.

Milkmaid Braid.

Our experts can make this look by creating two pigtail braids and then wrapping them up and around, crossing them over the top of the head.

Messy Top-Knot.

Make a high ponytail, twist the hair, and spin it around the ponytail base, continuing to wrap below the bun and secure. Pull out face-framing pieces.


Pin-straight tresses become the ideal boho bridal image. It’s unfussy working with any length.

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