9 Highlights And Lowlights Styling Ideas For Light Brown Hair

1. Golden Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde accents on light brown hair give it a delicate and feminine look.

2. Honey Blonde Highlights

Give your sandy brown hair a gorgeous sunkissed look with these honey blonde highlights.

3. Smokey Brown Balayage Highlights

Create a fusion of warm and cool tones with these balayage highlights that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

4. Copper And Blonde Highlights

Just because you have brown hair does not mean you can only go for blonde highlights. Let your hair down and go crazy with some bright copper highlights edged with a soft blonde shade at the tips.

5. Dark Blonde Highlights

People would be jealous of you anyway if you had deep coffee brown hair. But highlighting them with a dark brown color will give you that seductive and mysterious look.

6. Maple Brown Highlights

If subtlety is your goal whenever you style yourself, then brown highlights on brown hair is the ultimate way to go about that. Yep, you heard me right.

7. Dark Brown Lowlights

Bored of the same old brown hair? Break the monotony and get yourself these dark brown lowlights.

8. Chocolate Brown Lowlights

When your natural hair color teeters between light brown and blonde, it lends you a great opportunity to play around with lowlights.

9. Subtle Dark Brown Lowlights

A good lowlights style should blend seamlessly into your natural hair color.

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