7 Stylish Home Office Ideas

Statement Wallpaper

Unlike the communal office, home offices are a space where you can really stamp your personality and a bold wallpaper is a brilliant way to add life and style.

Nook In A Living Room Corner

Adding a partition to a living room is an easy way to create a small home office nook. To maximise the feeling of space, and to keep the room feeling airy, consider fitting a floating desk and shelves.

Paint To Zone An Office Area

If your office is connected to your living space then paint is a quick and easy way to 'zone' the space.Dark colors can work particularly well in small spaces like offices.

Choose A Hideway Office

Closet office can be fitted into a versatile piece of furniture that combines ample storage with a slide-away desk

Multifunctional Desk

Small, rectangular tables are the most versatile as they can easily be pushed into a corner or under the stairs

Black And White Scheme

If you’re looking to create a luxurious and sophisticated home office for him, consider decorating with black and white and combining furniture with strong angles and streamlined shapes.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can easily be overlooked when it comes to decorating but they can help transform the look and feel of a home office.

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