8 Common Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You

Excessive powder can settle into fine lines and creases, accentuating their appearance. Choose a translucent powder that is lightweight and apply it sparingly.

Using Too Much Powder

Skipping primer can cause makeup to settle into pores and fissures. A primer creates a smooth foundation and prolongs the wear of makeup.

Skipping Primer

A thick, heavy foundation can appear cakey and settle into fine creases. Select a lightweight, buildable formula and thoroughly incorporate it.

Heavy Foundation

Extremely dark or sharply defined eyebrows can produce a harsh appearance. Choose a color that corresponds with your natural hair color and soften the margins.

Harsh Eyebrows

Excessive concealer application can accentuate fine wrinkles. Apply a fine coat and concentrate on blending thoroughly.

Too Much Concealer

With age, lips lose volume. Avoid dark, matte hues, which can make the skin appear narrower. Choose moisturizing, velvety lip colors.

Neglecting the Lips

Applying heavy eyeliner to the lower lashes can make the eyes appear smaller and accentuate dark circles. Utilize a smudgier, gentler line or concentrate on the upper lash line.

Heavy Eyeliner on Lower Lids

Skipping blush can result in a lackluster complexion. A natural blush imparts a youthful radiance. Select a flattering hue and apply it sparingly.

Neglecting Blush

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