8 Fresh Spring Haircuts to Try This Season

1. C-cut

This curved shape makes hair look longer because it looks like it flows easily and without any harsh lines or choppy layers, which can make hair look shorter.

2. Wolf Cut

The vintage/punk-rock wolf cut is a mix of a shag and a mullet, with lots of layers that bounce around. 

3. Wispy Korean Air Bangs

"Korean air bangs are very thin, piecey bangs that have been popular in Korea for the last year or so," says a Los Angeles-based hairdresser.

4. Bixie

A cross between a bob and a pixie, "the bixie is more textured than a bob, but not as cropped as a pixie.

5. Bob/Lob

Salons have been adding more variations, but the lob is the most famous because you don't have to cut your hair all the way short.

6. Octopus

"Hard-to-miss hair" styles, like mullets and shags, will be the most popular at the shop. The octopus style is a good example.

7. Bottleneck bangs

Bottleneck bangs are a new version of curtain bangs with a more feminine look. They are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides.

8. One-length cut

 This spring, one-length, clean, and crisp styles are popular, and the lack of layers makes hair look thicker.