90s Braids Are Making a Comeback in 2023

1. Micro Braids

In the 1990s, women were so into micro braids that they didn't mind sitting for hours in a studio to get them.

2. Bantu Knots with Braids

This hairstyle was original, fun, and funny. You can get bantu knots in braided hair in more than one way.

3. Beaded Braids

If you want to have fun with your hair, try braiding it with beads like women did in the 1990s. 

4. Chunky Braids

Chunky braids are great for hair that is thick and full. They can be worn in updos, buns, and undercuts, among other styles.

5. Box Braids

Box braids get their name because the sections made to braid the hair are square-shaped.

6. Braided Bun

Box braids can be used to make braided box buns. You can pull your hair into a bun after getting box braids.

7. Accent Braids

Accent braids are stylish and just what you need for a simple 90s braids haircut. 

8. Halo Braids

To make a Halo Braid, you just make one thick braid out of your hair and wrap it around your head so it looks like a halo.