DIY Makeup Remover Pads

If you're searching for an alternative to makeup remover pads sold in stores, it's simple to make your own at home. 

Makeup Remover

Here is a straightforward DIY recipe for making your own makeup remover pads:

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-Cotton squares or disks -Airtight container -Makeup remover solution


1. Separate a collection of cotton rounds or squares until you have enough to fill your airtight container.


2. Pour your preferred makeup remover solution into the container, ensuring there is just enough to saturate the cotton rounds without saturating them excessively.


3. Place the cotton rounds into the container with care and allow them to absorb the makeup remover solution. To ensure even distribution, apply gentle pressure.


4. Once all of the cotton rounds have been added to the container, it must be tightly sealed to prevent the solution from dissipating.


5. To remove makeup, merely remove a single pad from the container and gently wipe your face. If necessary, both surfaces of the pad can be utilized.


6. After use, discard the used pad and repeat the procedure as necessary with a new one.


You can customize this homemade makeup remover by adding a few droplets of essential oils or other skin-nourishing ingredients.