Does Using Hairspray Every Day Ruin Your Hair?

Daily use of hairspray may have negative effects on your hair, but this primarily depends on how you use it and the hairspray's ingredients. Here are some considerations:

1. Buildup

Regular use of hairspray can result in product accumulation on the hair and scalp, causing the hair to feel and appear heavy and lifeless.

2. Dryness

Some hairsprays contain alcohol, which can eventually dry out the hair. Dry hair is more susceptible to split ends and breakage.

3. Brittleness

Excessive use of strong-hold hairsprays, particularly those with a high alcohol content, can cause hair to become fragile and breakable.

4. Lack of Moisture

Excessive hairspray use without proper hair care may prevent the hair from receiving necessary moisture, resulting in dryness and injury.

5. Scalp Irritation

Certain hairspray constituents may cause irritation or allergic reactions on the scalp in certain individuals.

Tips: Use Sparingly

Choose hairsprays that contain less alcohol and abrasive chemicals.

Tips: Avoid Scalp Application

Before applying hairspray, use a heat protectant spray if heat styling is mandatory.

Tips: Choose Flexible Hold

For a more natural appearance, choose hairsprays with flexible hold rather than heavy-duty formulas.

If you observe any negative effects on your hair or scalp, you may want to reduce your usage or transition to a different product.