Dos and Don'ts of Selfie Etiquette

Do: Find Good Lighting

Natural light is the most flattering type of lighting for photographs. Face a window or the outdoors to prevent casting unflattering shadows.

Do: Check the Background

Make sure the background is spotless and appropriate for the image you wish to portray.

Do: Experiment with Angles

Experiment with various angles to discover your most flattering pose. It can make a difference to tilt your head slightly.

Do: Smile Naturally

A genuine smile will enhance the allure of your selfie. Avoid excessive posing and forced expressions.

Do: Use Filters Sparingly

Filters can enhance your selfie, but use them sparingly to preserve your natural appearance.

Don't: Avoid Over-Editing

Excessive editing can distort your appearance and lead to unattainable goals.

Don't: Steer Clear of TMI

Avoid sharing excessively intimate or explicit selfies that could make others uncomfortable.

Don't: Don't Overpost

Posting an excessive amount of photographs on social media can be overwhelming for your followers.

Don't: Avoid Selfie Sticks in Crowded Places

Using a selfie stick in a congested area can be disruptive and irritate those around you.

Don't: Avoid Invasive Selfies

Do not take selfies without permission, especially in sensitive situations or when it may invade the privacy of another person.