Foods You Should Always Store In The Fridge


You might be surprised to find out that dates are best stored in the fridge, despite the fact other dried fruit is fine the cupboard.


Whether it's Dijon or wholegrain, the preservatives in mustard mean it's completely safe to keep in your pantry after opening. However, you will significantly improve the quality if you store open jars of mustard in the fridge.


It wouldn't be entirely ridiculous to assume that because of the high sugar content, jam won't spoil after opening if you keep it in the cupboard. But it's definitely best kept in the fridge.


In the US, eggs are sterilised after production to kill bacteria, which also weakens the eggshell. This means they should be kept cool to prevent the bacteria from returning.

Opened red wine

Going against everything you thought you knew about wine, opened bottles of red should be stored in the fridge.

Sesame oil

As it turns out, there is a whole host of oils that will benefit greatly from being stored in the fridge. Sesame oil and other unrefined nut oils are prone to going rancid and losing their flavour if kept at room temperature.

Infused oil

Infused oils are a great way of injecting extra flavour into marinades and salad dressings, or to finish a should be aware that there is a risk of botulism.So keep it refrighrate.

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