Signs You Are Eating Too Much Salt

You Are Thirsty, Very Thirsty

After eating salty food, like french fries, there's nothing better than a drink of water. Salt modifies the body's fluid balance, leaving cells dehydrated.

You Are Bloated

Eating too much salt flushes water from your cells, which in turn causes your stomach and other parts of your body, like your fingers and toes, to swell.

Foods Lose Their Flavour

People who salt their food too much may eventually cause their taste buds to develop a sort of sodium resistance. To get their meals to taste better, they practically have to empty the salt shaker onto their food.

Your Body Craves Salty Food

Somewhat like a drug user, you find yourself naturally attracted to salty foods like chips, peanuts, deli meats, cheese, french fries, etc.


Your frequent headaches may be linked to heavy salt consumption. Eating meals high in sodium causes blood vessels in your brain to expand, sometimes resulting in headaches.

Kidney Stones

Too much salt can lead to the formation of small crystals in the kidneys that eventually turn into painful kidney stones.

Difficulty In Concentrating

People who consume a lot of salt are at a higher risk of having difficulty concentrating.

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