Southwest Airlines passengers detail 'horrifying' flight

Southwest Airlines passengers described a "horrifying" trip diverted from Raleigh, North Carolina, after the plane rocked "like crazy," making many passengers vomit upon landing.

After taking departure from Baltimore, Maryland, Flight 3094 was diverted to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where passengers were stuck overnight in a closed airport.

Nicholas Reed and his girlfriend, Krys Spence, told WNCN about the nine-hour nightmare. 

"It was quite a horrifying experience – we go to land in Raleigh and the plane starts shaking like crazy – then they decide to tell us 15 minutes later 

Southwest officials in Myrtle Beach stated the jet diverted due to weather giving the Boeing 737 "a low-fuel situation." 

The pair alleged the plane burned fuel by sitting on the Baltimore runway for 40 minutes after its planned departure. 

"We saw two persons vomit near us. But everyone was quiet. I guess they were thinking, "This could be it," Reed said. The

captain returns after 15 minutes and says, ‘Hey, we are going to be at Myrtle Beach in 25 minutes.’ We asked, "What?"

We get detained in the airport after the captain and flight attendants leave. Vending machines were absent from the terminal. Naturally, all eateries closed."

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