Speed Up Nail Drying Time With These Quick Tips

1. Apply Thin Coats

Instead of applying thick coatings of nail polish, use thin, even layers. Thick coatings dry more slowly and are more susceptible to smudging.

2. Use Quick-Dry Top Coat

Invest in a top coat designed to accelerate the curing process. Apply it over your manicure to help secure and dry the layers more quickly.

3. Dip Nails in Ice Water

After applying nail polish, fill a bowl with icy-cold water and place a few ice cubes inside. Allow your cuticles to soak for a few minutes in the cold water.

4. Use a Nail Drying Spray

Nail drying sprays are designed to hasten the curing process. Spray a fine vapor over your freshly painted nails.

5. Apply Quick-Dry Drops

After applying the final coat of nail polish, add one or two droplets of the quick-dry drops to each nail. 

6. Use a Hair Dryer

Adjust your hairdryer to the cool or low setting and direct it from a safe distance at your cuticles. The cool air expedites the drying process of nail polish.

7. Avoid Thick Nail Art

Designs with multiple layers and textures can dry more slowly. Choose simplified designs or minimal nail art to expedite drying time if you're in a hurry.

Remember, while these tips can help expedite the drying process, it's still important to allow enough time for your nail polish to fully dry to avoid any smudging or smearing.