Tips For Cutting Down On Sugar

White flour is made of starch (or glucose molecules). So if you eat white bread, your energy level will eventually crash.

White bread

Like white bread, white pasta is made from refined flour. The body’s reaction when you consume it, therefore, is the same.

White pasta

Potatoes, although good for your health in many ways, contain starch and carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels.


There are roughly 53 grams of carbohydrates in one cup of cooked white rice. White rice is actually brown rice that has been refined.


Fruit juice, even with no added sugar, contains a lot of sugar.Instead, choose whole fruits, which have fibre and whose sugar is not absorbed in the same way.

Fruit juice

Drinking roughly half a litre of cola (591 ml), for instance, is equivalent to eating 17 sugar cubesIn addition, unlike fruit juice, soft drinks contain absolutely no nutrients.

Soft drinks

Sugar is obviously one of the main ingredients in dessert. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, but rather that you should make informed choices


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