Top 10 Budget Friendly Renovations


A fresh coat of paint can make a significant difference. Consider repainting walls, doors, and cabinets to give your home a new and vibrant look.

Update Hardware

Replace old and worn-out cabinet handles, doorknobs, and faucets. This simple update can add a touch of modernity to your spaces.

Lighting Fixtures

Upgrade lighting fixtures to more stylish and energy-efficient options. This can enhance the overall ambiance of your home.

DIY Backsplash

Add a stylish backsplash in the kitchen using peel-and-stick tiles. It's a cost-effective and easy-to-install option that can transform the look of your kitchen.

Refinish Floors

Instead of replacing flooring, consider refinishing hardwood floors or painting and sealing concrete floors to give them a fresh appearance.

Crown Molding

Installing crown molding is a relatively inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance to your rooms. It creates a finished look and can make spaces appear more upscale.

Open Shelving

Replace some upper kitchen cabinets with open shelving. It not only modernizes the kitchen but also provides an opportunity to display decorative items.

Reface Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are in good structural condition, consider refacing them instead of replacing.

Mirror Magic

Strategically placing mirrors can make spaces appear larger and brighter. They are an affordable way to enhance both natural and artificial light.

Upcycling Furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, consider upcycling or repurposing existing pieces. A fresh coat of paint or new hardware can give old furniture a modern twist.

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