World's Largest Fast Food Chains

Number of stores: over 38,000 worldwide Globally, the burger colossus outranks Subway by a few hundred stores. 

1. McDonald's

Number of stores: over 36,592 worldwide The most exclusive opened in June 2010 exclusively for Ground Zero construction employees in New York City.

2. Subway

Number of stores: over 34,000 worldwide Yes, every Starbucks serves coffee, but stores in Japan also offer Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos.

3. Starbucks

Number of stores: over 27,000 worldwide The fourth-largest fast food chain in the world operates in over 145 countries and territories.

4. KFC

Number of stores: over 18,700  worldwide The fifth-largest fast food chain in the world serves more than 11 million guests every day,

5. Burger King

Number of stores: over 20,000 worldwide The pizza franchise reports that its 20,000 locations in 90 global markets serve 1 million customers daily. 

6. Domino's

Number of stores: over 19,000 worldwide In the United States, Pizza Hut's locations offer Thin N' Crispy, Hand-tossed, Original Pan, and Original Stuffed-Crust.

7. Pizza Hut

Number of stores: over 11,300 worldwide Dunkin' Donuts sells 2,9 billion doughnuts annually, and the 36 countries that make up its 3 million daily consumers.

8. Dunkin' Donuts

Number of stores: over 7,200 worldwide Approximately 2 billion tacos and 1 billion burritos are served annually at Taco Bell locations in 26 countries. 

9. Taco Bell

Number of stores: over 6,500 worldwide Wendy's may be best known in the U.S. for its cheeseburgers, chili, and chicken sandwiches, and a number of its international stores

10. Wendy's

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